The Kindness Offensive – 60 second interview

David Goodfellow from The Kindness Offensive kindly agreed to do a ’60 seconds’ interview for my first blog post.
So a big thank you to him and hope you enjoy the below. Keep an eye out for the amazing Kindness Offensive events in 2012 and they’re even talking to the Government!
If you’ve done any random acts of kindness drop me a line, would love to hear about them.
The Kinder bus
Q1/I love all your ideas, great experiential ideas with really strong content created, who comes up with them?
A/Thank you. Some ideas we develop amongst ourselves, while others are brought to us. Early on we laid down our aims and then proceeded to put our backs into it; the ideas have always flowed naturally as a result.

Q2/The pitch video for the White Stuff Route master bus was obviously a winner. You were a chef before, what was everyone else’s backgrounds before TKO?
A/We’re proud to have a volunteer base from extremely diverse backgrounds. The core members include a folk musician, philosophy students and an author.

Q3/Was there something that inspired you to set up The Kindness Offensive and is it your full time professions now?
A/We started TKO to test out some positive thinking principles; after a discussion the three of us realised that we’d never really had a go at the ‘classic’ activities that are reported to ‘truly’ make people happy. What if you actually woke up one morning and started acting out of character, doing good things that the day before you would have never considered doing? Well that’s what we did and TKO is what happened.

Q4/Are there any companies you’d particularly like to work with in future?
A/I don’t think I’ll get a good nights sleep till we see the Nike Air Kindness, Coca Cola Kindness six packs and of course the Oakley TKO Frogskins.

Q5/You’ve been going since 2008, what have you found the hardest the last 4 years?
A/Group dynamics; growing a project like this has meant a constant stream of new faces and an upward spiralling set of standards that have been hard for everyone to keep up with.

Q6/Is there anything TKO need in 2012 to make things easier?
A/Premises and funding. We are working on both and feel we have excellent prospects.

Q7/How do you commercially survive?
A/Point three of our three point constitution says that all our activity has to be free to the public. So we never seek donations, we have no PayPal button on our website and no one will shake a can in your face at our events. We have survived thus far, mainly through our partnerships with companies.

Q8/The Hazelwick school kindness offensive is a great way to demonstrate consideration and being thoughtful to others, outside of R.E., would you do it across other schools?
A/We are currently consulting with the government about a proposal to develop the schools aspect of what we do. So watch this space.

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