Pay It Forward – Stranger kindness

I’ve been on the hunt for stories about kindness, how one person has helped another and discovered something very exciting. Something much bigger, that can connect people across the world no matter what their religion is, through simple methods – stranger kindness.

What is the Pay it Forward movement

The beauty of it is in it’s simplicity, the Pay it Forward bracelet, which acts as a reminder, something to pass onto a stranger, which creates the ripple effect: ‘Some people call us crazy, we prefer visionaries. The ideology behind “Pay it Forward” allows us the freedom to look at life from a different perspective.’

The concept is actually something that’s been around since 317 BC and Benjamin Franklin re-discovered it in 1784. In 1944 to gained traction with the development of what became the Heifer Project, whose core strategy was passing on the gift:

‘each participating family would study animal husbandry and agree to Pass on the Gift, to donate any female animal offspring to another family. In this fashion, he imagined that a single gift would multiply far beyond the original investment’

The history of Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward isn’t something new, it has a very long history. Why hasn’t it become more mainstream and part of what we’re taught at school? Why don’t we have a Pay it Forward day, to help raise the level of consciousness?

It’s incredible on so many levels, their ambition is 1 billion bracelets worldwide and I’m pretty sure Charley will reach this. He’s a very busy man but kindly did a video interview for me to answer some questions I had, which you can watch below.


They’re doing a worldwide book flash mob on March 28th at 4pm and here’s how you can get involved. They’d like to set a Guinness Book of World Records. Or if you’re not around then, do something nice on the Pay it Forward Day April 26th. This video is not quite the Kony video, maybe that’s because it’s not as sensational but it is realistic and a ‘Idea worth spreading’ (which Tedx guests agree with).

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