Giving children happiness ‘DANCE’ – TedxHackney

Edward Monkton Greeting cardGiles Andreae – Giving our children happiness – TedxHackney event April 14th

Giles is behind the Edward Monkton distinctive greeting cards.

He also creates brilliant kids books, which are endearing fables under the name ‘World of Happy’.

They’ve won a Gold parenting award and I’m not surprised as they help teach kids really important values. I’ll be buying my niece and nephews some.

Giles’ talk was done in such a charming way, which comes through in all of his best-selling work. He’s obviously got something very right and I’ll be remembering his tips for happiness ‘DANCE’:

Dedication – keep learning, practice, commit to passions
Active – challenge yourself to try something new
Nurture – care and be kind
Celebrate – with rewards for what we put in
Enjoy – savour today’s moment, enjoy the present

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