Social enterprise in hospitality: STREAT

Could you have a sustainable social enterprise helping homeless people and selling coffee?  Surely the skills and scaling would make it unfeasible and that’s why in Australia, there are no precedents for hospitality enterprises?

Rebecca Scott is the co-founder of STREAT with her partner. It’s a social enterprise that operates cafés, coffee carts and a coffee roastery in Melbourne. They selected the location carefully after conceptualising it in Canberra initially but Canberra proved too small. They moved it to Melbourne, where the city not only loves hospitality and trying new things but also has a longer history of philanthropy. Once the idea was researched and a concrete business plan was in place, they pitched the idea to some Danish philanthropists, who ended up funding them – $700,000!

Rebecca I salut you.

Read the full interview with Rebecca for Smart Company, it’s well worth it:

we looked specifically for investors who wanted both a social and financial return on investment. So you would call them high impact investors. Every year we report to them on financial terms and very tangible social outcomes on each individual site.’

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