Meet Naoko Takano a happiness engineer

Happiness A few months ago I decided to move my blog over to self hosting. Easy peasy I thought but it was a bit of a pain and my blog was ‘down’ for a while.

Since starting my blog I’ve discovered and met some amazing people. I suddenly felt pretty stressed this ‘portal’ wasn’t there and I didn’t know how to fix it.

I somehow stumbled across the amazing Naoko Takano through her blog. It stated she was a happiness engineer for WordPress so I sent a cry for help!

With her help and Alon from Go Daddy (who kindly called me from the US to chat through stuff) I got it all sorted. Both went out of their way and it felt above and beyond their jobs.

I asked Naoko a few questions about her role with the nice name and here’s what she had to say:

You’re a Happiness Engineer, what does your role entail?
Happiness Engineer’s goal is to make users happy and we do whatever it takes. Support, documentation, testing are the main things but sometimes it goes beyond any defined tasks.
I am currently focusing on translation (coordinating with volunteer & professional translators). I also speak at WordPress events in Japan from time to time.
If you are curious about the details, check out this link. I love the fact one of requirement is “patience and grace”

Who came up with the name ‘Happiness Engineer’?
Matt Mullenweg (the founder of WordPress and Automattic).

What inspires you or is the key to life?
The fact that anything is possible if I spend time and work hard.

What’s the kindest thing you’ve done for someone? Or someone has done for you?
The kindest thing I have done probably is patiently listening to a friend who was going through a very hard time.
The host family who let me live with them during my 2 year in high school in the U.S. were the kindest people I’ve met in my life and they certainly changed my life.

Thanks Naoko. I guess the host family left a lasting impression and your job title suits you.

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