The good giraffe’s acts of kindness

The Good Giraffe

Mohammad Hirzallah was at the North Bridge,
Edinburgh, on 10 November.

The saying goes ‘the less you have, the more you give’. And that’s certainly true about The Good Giraffe.

Armstrong Baillie is unemployed and gives to strangers because it makes other people happy??

His random acts of kindness are done dressed as a giraffe (his favourite animal). He got the idea from “a man in a gorilla costume playing drums on the streets around Edinburgh… he really made me smile, and I know I wasn’t the only one,” he told I wonder what Phil Colins would think.

He hitch-hikes and busks to spend the donations on kind deeds: free bananas at the Edinburgh Half Marathon, coffee to cold passers by, £10 vouchers to mothers in hospitals. All just to be kind and cheer people up.

The Good Giraffe has been causing a bit of a stir and debate in online communities, some think it’s nice others just plain mad?

I wonder if brands or organisations like the Kindness Offensive will get The Good Giraffe involved in events.

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