Starting a career in social enterprise – the On Purpose leadership programme

I love the advice in this film, I’ve watched it 5 times (so far):
What makes you really itch?
What if money was no object?
How would you really like to spend your life?

For the last few years I’d been asking myself  ‘what do I desire’, really desire.
I’d been lucky to work in some great agencies and meet so many amazing people but I didn’t see it being my career forever.

I’d always, right from the start of my career, felt that business should have social value and give something back. It’s not just for stakeholders to profit from. Suddenly 10 years later everything is starting to piece together.

I started this blog as an exploration and went to a talk Escape the City were running with On Purpose:

‘We believe there is a better way of doing business that can help solve many of society’s most intractable problems. We find and work with the best professionals to develop the next generation of social enterprise leaders who have the commitment to tackle these problems by harnessing the power of business for social and environmental good.’

A few months later, after 4 stages of the rigorous interviews, I got offered a place on the On Purpose leadership programme. I start the placements in April.

I’d been considering doing a Masters but wanted to do something practical still. On Purpose is the perfect blend. You do two placements, at two different companies, for six months each (full time). They’re all leading organisations like Social Enterprise UK, Big Issue Invest, Deloitte CR and you’re given specific projects to run.

Every Friday you have training out of the office, with leading experts. You don’t get a certificate at the end or take exams (thank god) but it has a strong business focus, so it’s like an MBA.

Probably one of the biggest pro’s of the programme is the networking opportunities, meeting people doing so many inspiring things. I can’t wait.

As he advises in the video ‘forget the money…better to have a life full of doing what you want to be doing’.

On Purpose are recruiting for their October cohort at the moment. So if you believe business can be done a different way, maybe the programme’s for you

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  1. Congratulations on getting on the program Emily. I’m glad you are a fan of Alan Watts – his speeches are very, very interesting.

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