3 months into On Purpose…

I’ve been freelancing for 5 years or so now, so I’m very used to working to contract lengths and deadlines. In fact I love working to contracts. So why is On Purpose any different?

We do two six month placements, April-Sept 2013 and Oct-April 2014. I have moments when it feels like a ticking time bomb. We’re encouraged to do feedback sessions with our placement, to check how we’re doing and help build the relationship. Have you ever done a feedback session? I don’t think I ever had before and in my head it felt a bit uncomfortable but it was actually an amazing experience. Perhaps I’m lucky with my placement.

So back to the ticking time bomb. At the end of September I want to see the impact I’ve made, on projects I’m solely running. I’m very used to working in a team of people as an Account Director with creatives, planners, other account handlers to support. Now it’s just me. This is the most accountable I’ve ever been. Oh shit. I hope I do a good job. They’ve said I am, so it’s pressure I’m putting on myself. And that’s the point, challenging yourself outside your comfort zone and taking a leap.

So instead of a ticking time bomb, I’ll think of it as a leap off a cliff, into a lovely sea with a few waves. But I’ll be fine because I love swimming.


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