Why generosity is good for you – TedxHackney

Dr David Hamilton @DrDRHamilton – Why generosity is good for you – TedxHackney event April 14th

David is one of the happiest people I’ve met, he radiates good energy. He had a tough slot to fill at the end of the day and left things on a high. I hope to meet him again and see another one of his talks.

He used to work for a pharmaceutical company developing drugs for cardiovascular disease. During this time he observed the power of the mind: how happiness impacts the brain and acts as a cardioprotective. So he left the pharmaceutical industry!

I asked David what makes him the happiest which is ‘helping people and also doing something that is meaningful to me, and they are both often the same thing.’

Kindness and compassionate behaviour ultimately protect us from disease (there are lots of studies which prove it) and as his aunt’s saying goes ‘If you live for the heart, it’s good for the heart.’ A motto David lives by, no wonder he’s so happy.