Jason McElwain the autistic basketball player: Inspiration or disability stereotype?

In 2006 President Bush met Jason McElwain the 17-year-old with autism who played an extraordinary game of basketball (scoring 20 points in 4 minutes).

When I watched the footage of the game, something made me feel a bit uneasy. Jason clearly loved basketball but he had to sit and watch his peers. He clearly had the talent and passion, so why wasn’t he allowed to play before?

It’s the end of the film which is so touching though, when everyone gives Jason the recognition he no doubt deserved. In a more recent interview by CBS News from 2010 Jason said ‘it was the support and acceptance he felt that night that made him the man he is today’. And that the world would be a better place if it could be the way the gym was that night.

Here’s what Jason has been up to since.

Anthony At Your Service – this is cool

I love it when people send me stuff, thanks Richard Langrish for sharing this.

Anthony At Your Service is such a brilliant idea to integrate Anthony, who has autism, into the community. Anthony, with the help of his assistant and mum, now runs a delivery service with a smile.

I particularly like the the high dive bit, everyone needs to be challenged. A great film which challenges our prejudice.

I think Anthony and I would get on well, I love swimming too.