Social enterprise in sport: Olympics Legacy

We’ve all probably been surprised by just how much we’ve got into the Olympics? I know I can’t stop watching it and have shed a few tears.

Sport has always been a big part of my life, other than at university, where I had a slight dip. I love the quote from this documentary ‘football doesn’t make character, it reveals character’. The documentary is about a coach who helps a football team everyone else had given up on and makes them believe in themselves. Sport is so important for mental health, confidence and ‘anyone can be a champ’.

‘We have worst youth drink, drugs, obesity, crime rates in Europe. Get our kids fit, competitive and occupied. #OlympicLegacyPiers Morgan

I’ll be looking out for social enterprises in sport (and the effect of the Olympic Legacy). If you know of any doing amazing stuff with youth, please do leave a comment with the details, thank you.


Riot From Wrong: youth led documentary about the london riots

One thing I learned from ‘Riot From Wrong’ is that 14 young people can get closer to the truth than 90% of working journalists”
Dan Hancox, Author of Kettled Youth, Journalist at The Guardian

Watch the documentary tailor below produced by Fully Focused, wow. Been waiting for something like this to emerge. We witnessed the biggest civil unrest in modern British history last year and most of us have been left wondering what state we’re really in and can things really be turned around?

Also check out the ‘99% Campaign’ blog written and run by young people. It’s a brilliant youth initiative that gives people a voice and involves them in decision-making processes. They work with reputable media partners like METRO, Guardian Online and Kiss FM to let people ‘have their say’.