Meet Colin – No second night out

No Seond Night Out

No Seond Night Out

You know when you meet someone with a sparkle in their eye, well that’s Colin. Officially one of the nicest men I’ve met, as voted by me and within minutes of meeting him. I’m sure some of you will think I’m exaggarating so here goes….

Colin sells hats, not just any old hats but amazing top hats from a London milliner. I bought a lovely black floppy hat for my holiday for £20.

He was homeless, through No Second Night Out he’s now working on this market stall in Spitalfields. Starting off with 8 donated hats, he now has over 20. The money he makes helps to keep him off the streets and make a living.

‘The No Second Night Out (NSNO) was launched on 1 April 2011 as a pilot project aimed at ensuring those who find themselves sleeping rough in central London for the first time need not spend a second night on the streets.’

Photography by Amelia Karlsen

Photography by Amelia Karlsen

Another magazine have just had their 25th issue mad hatter tea party, I wonder where Sienna got her hat from.  We all love a bit of fancy dress so if you need a hat, you know where to go, and it’s much better than Topshop!

Action Aid blogger meet up – 4th June #actionaidmeetup

I’ve just been invited to my first blogger meet up by Action Aid. For old hands to this sort of thing it’s no big deal but I’m pretty excited.  If you have a blog and fancy coming you can register here.

They want us to come together to meet with fellow bloggers and tweeters to ‘discuss the importance of food, both in the world’s richest nations, where we can enjoy it in abundance, and in poorer countries, where finding each meal is the centre of existence for many’.

There are some great speakers on subjects as varied as how to cook food brilliantly, to what it’s like to live in a country where millions don’t have enough of it.

When:  4 June 2013

Where: The Crown Tavern, 43 Clerkenwell Green, Clerkenwell, London, EC1R 0EG

Time: 6pm – 8.30pm

Who are the speakers?

Fay Ripley – a British actress of Cold Feet fame will be talking about her passion for food, as well as her experience of visiting Tanzania – where millions of people go hungry every year – and where she also sponsors a child.

Joy Mghoi Mwakisambi – a young campaigner who is visiting from Kenya will speak about the major issues affecting the poorest people in her country, and how we can all add our voices to the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign, which is calling for G8 leaders to tackle the broken food system.

Rachel Beer – founder of the popular #NFPTweetup. An expert in putting on engaging events linking good causes with sympathetic online communities, she will look at the mutually beneficial relationship emerging between charities and bloggers.

What a great line up! Looking forward to meeting some like minded people and discussions about something which unites us all.

Could you live off £1 per day?

Live Below The line There are 1.4 billion, yes billion, people currently living in extreme poverty on less than £1 per day. This figure was defined by the World Bank as $1.25 US dollars a day, in 2005.

Live Below The Line is an innovative awareness and fundraising campaign which urges people to experience what it’s like to live on £1 per day for food, for 5 days.

I’m not even sure how I could live on that and I’m dreading trying but I think it would be a pretty intense challenge. So from w/c 3rd June I’m going to try to live of £1 (for food) for 5 days and see what happens. I’ll tweet my thoughts using #belowtheline anyone want to join me for support!?

GOOD – pilot campus Ambassadors programme

Good on campus

If you haven’t heard of Good, check them out. They’re a brilliant global community of ‘people who give a damn’.

They’re looking for college students to form Good ‘super members’ – who all are united by their desire to change the world.

These GOOD super-members will lead the charge in expanding the GOOD global community. They’ll organise student innovators to collaborate and collectively drive change.

I asked Good if they’re offering any incentives to people ‘Our incentives are mostly based around professional development. We feel this is a great opportunity for students to gain leadership skills and to have a hand in shaping a program.’ Hannah Wasserman

Hannah’s informed me they were originally looking for US students only, but they’ve received lots of interest outside the US, so they’re currently considering expanding the scheme. What a great way to build the GOOD community and mobilise the masses. Great outreach strategy, for content creation too (and very cost effective).

Can eating doughnuts actually do good?

Doughnut Week, Children's TrustTo my delight I’ve discovered doughnuts are good for you. It’s National doughnut week from Sat 12th – Sat 19th May. Chris Osburn has done a guest blog post for Great British Chefs on it which can be viewed here.

‘Every doughnut sold by participating bakers across Britain raises money for The Children’s Trust, a national charity providing care, education and therapy to children with multiple disabilities and complex health needs. Over the past couple of decades, National Doughnut Week has raised more than £735,000 for The Children’s Trust. This year, National Doughnut Week’s goal is £30,000.’

Get involved.

Now where to get my doughnuts tomorrow?